Marion Mako is a freelance historic garden and landscape historian and designer, who believes that in this ever changing world it is essential to take time out and re-connect with nature, be it a window box, park, courtyard or allotment. Gardens do not, and should not stand still in time and therefore it is essential to document these spaces to ensure there is always a resource for restoration, recreation or simply posterity.

The work (and yes, it is possible to call something this enjoyable 'work') involves playing garden detective and researching many different sources to document the history of a landscape, and the characters who created it. It may involve a broad sweep of time or pinpoint a specific era in its history. The end result is a beautifully bound document of this record, as well as digital sources.

Adding another layer to this history, Marion works with clients designing beautiful and relaxing garden spaces. She specializes in planting.

To inspire passion and interest in gardens, many less well-known, Marion also leads bespoke garden tours both in the UK and abroad, gives illustrated talks and photographs gardens and plants.